Why Fluent Commerce?

Our solutions allow you to rapidly deploy an omnichannel strategy using out-of-the-box capabilities for a seamless customer journey.

Your customers are demanding. We help you meet your business challenges with sell anywhere, fulfil anywhere solutions.


Our range of solutions are designed to ensure you provide your customers with the convenience, speed and flexibility they’re asking for.

Distributed Availability

Seamless product availability, fulfilment options and offers across all sales channels.

Sell Anywhere

Enterprise scale orchestration of products and inventory for real-time views across all channels and systems.

Return Anywhere

Return to and resell from any location irrespective of original purchase channel.

In-Store Pickup

Click & Collect and Click & Reserve from any location including 3rd party locations and lockers.

Fulfil From Anywhere

Distributed network fulfilment configured for customer experience while optimising costs and operations.

Customer Service

Unified customer service across all channels powered by dynamic workflows to amend and control orders and returns.

Fluent Orchestration Cloud makes it all possible

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