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Smart Omnichannel Order Management is what we are passionate about. Scroll on down to find out more about why we think this is an essential component of a technology stack for retailers today.

Your customers are demanding. We help you meet your business challenges with sell-anywhere, fulfill-anywhere solutions. And the best part of it: You get to keep your margins.

  Smart Omnichannel Management will allow merchants to meet and exceed customer expectations and maximize sales across both their online and physical stores. The technology is ideally suited for retailers who want to make the most of their combination of online presence and physical locations.  Merchants who appear in both online and offline shopping spaces have a significant advantage in fulfilling orders and need to make the most of this geographic benefit. Let’s look at a few aspects of modern retail and how Fluent Commerce can turn potential threats into opportunities for merchants to excel.

Distributed Availability

Each of your customers is unique. Some prioritise speed over cost or convenience. Some just need it to be as easy as possible, some want to save on delivery fees. You don’t have to always know what your customer needs, but you do always have to offer them all the options available, so they can make the choices that best suit them. Giving customers all the information they need to make a purchasing decision is critical. With Fluent Commerce you have access to unified product, inventory and fulfillment availability, across all channels. This enables retailers to provide information on what is available and where and how it can be delivered or collected, before a customer hits that buy button.

Single View of Inventory

Poor visibility and management of inventory will damage your relationship with your customers as well as increase the likelihood of having to sell stock at discounted prices or not selling it at all. Having an enterprise wide inventory will fix these issues, allowing customers to see what is available and where as well as making it easier for staff to know what products are available, in what quantity and at which location. The cherry on top is that this won’t come at your expense. By having a single view of inventory you can optimise logistics and fulfilment to be as fast and cost effective as possible, making this a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

Return Anywhere

Returns can be inconvenient and costly for everyone involved. But they don’t have to be. With technology managing the logistics of returning to and reselling from any location, irrespective of original purchase channel you can turn a lost sale and a disappointed customer into a positive experience, saving the sale, maintaining customer loyalty and minimising cost.

Fulfill From Anywhere

Once an order has been placed, it is up to the retailer to fulfill this order as quickly and cost effectively as possible. With Fluent Commerce you can fulfill orders from any location including distribution centres, stores and international suppliers. The distributed store, locker and DC order orchestration powers Click & Collect, Click & Reserve and Ship From Store. Retailers can configure their own fulfillment rules to allocated orders based on store location, delivery choices, stock levels, order components (to decide whether to split an order or not) to ensure the most cost effective fulfillment possible. Fulfill smarter, delight your customers, don’t sacrifice your margins.

Customer Service

Your customer service needs to be consistent, no matter how consumers choose to shop with you. Unified customer service across all channels means that in-store staff know about the status of an online order when a customer enquires about it or comes to collect it. It also means staff can easily and quickly look up stock availability across all stores and channels, without letting a customer wait whilst they are making internal enquiries. It also means a customer can easily update their delivery address if they need to, or return an item any way they want to. All of these things can only be achieved by integrated, dynamic workflows that are tailored to your business.

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