Why Fluent Commerce?

Our solutions allow you to rapidly deploy an omnichannel strategy using out-of-the-box capabilities for a seamless customer journey.

Your customers are demanding. We help you meet your business challenges with sell anywhere, fulfil anywhere solutions.


Our range of solutions are designed to ensure you provide your customers with the convenience, speed and flexibility they’re asking for.

Personalised Customer Options

Fluent Commerce’s personalised customer options solution enables you to provide the most convenient choices for product availability tailored to the customer. These selections give your customers more alternatives regarding the fulfilment options of their purchase before hitting the ‘buy’ button. They also enable you to offer a unified customer experience by meeting the individual needs of each shopper across web, mobile, customer care and in-store.

Custom Inventory Views

A custom view of inventory allows you to find the most efficient way to fulfil an order by showing all inventory across multiple stores to improve online product availability. With the solution provided by Fluent Commerce you’re able to control what is exposed online and remove the need to reserve stock for customers physically walking into stores, avoiding unnecessary markdowns therefore maximising profits.

Return Anywhere

With the Return Anywhere solution, whether the item was bought online, in-store or through a mobile app, our omnichannel offering enables a single platform for all returns, making the process as easy as possible both for customers and store associates. This means the time between an item being returned and available for resale can be significantly reduced.

Omnichannel Store Operations

With the Fluent Commerce solution you’ll be using easy, intuitive and efficient in-store tooling allowing you to enable omnichannel store operations including in-store pick up, ship-from-store, endless aisle and returns. Empower your in-store staff to manage deliveries, order fulfilment, customer collections and returns, and help maximise profits by not missing a sale.

Fulfil From Anywhere

Distributed fulfilment utilises a fulfil from anywhere approach that consists of in-store pick-up, ship-from-store and ship-from-distribution centre capabilities that enable merchants to provide omnichannel click and collect and home delivery options.

Using optimised fulfilment strategies merchants can apply multiple combinations of business factors to ensure they provide the best customer experience while remaining profitable.

Pick Up Drop Off (PUDO)

Fluent Commerce provides an end-to-end solution for managing merchant pick up and drop off networks that benefit customers by offering a large range of location choices.

Our PUDO solution provides all key capabilities including merchant enablement, network management and in-store tooling designed to operate across multiple device types.

Fluent Orchestration Cloud makes it all possible

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