The Fluent Commerce Advantage

We empower omnichannel merchants to rapidly build unified customer shopping experiences. By working with us, your online and in-store business operations are seamlessly merged, enabling you to innovate at the pace of changing customer demands and be infinitely more profitable.

Our solutions are designed to help you provide your customers with the convenience, speed and flexibility they’re asking for:

Built for distributed order management

The Fluent Orchestration Cloud functionality is built on a commerce orchestration engine. It’s cloud native architecture enables continuous delivery of new platform features, the coordination and extension of all capability, and the rapid deployment of customisation with zero downtime.


Success Story

Bras N Things

With Fluent Commerce Bras N Things never miss a sale. By attracting more digital customers in-store, Bras N Things created an environment that maximised cross-selling and upselling opportunities, which instantly delivered more sales and generated higher profits.

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At Fluent Commerce we’re committed to delivering business results for our clients with our range of omnichannel solutions, designed to give your customers the flexibility and convenience they want.

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