Product Availability

Give your customers what they want, when they want it

Fluent Commerce’s Product Availability application allows you to generate product availability plans and fulfilment options by looking at the contents of your customers online cart, available-to-promise inventory, fulfilment types, and customer behaviour all in real-time. The application makes it more convenient for customers to buy from your website and other channels as they can view the current product availability by location and select their preferred fulfilment choice from options that suit them.

Features to delight customers and staff

  • Use quick-start widgets to quickly enable omnichannel click and collect and ship-from-store options on websites and mobile apps.
  • Have full control and visibility of business logic used to generate real-time product fulfilment options, fees and in-stock inventory on product pages or customer shopping carts.
  • Take into consideration customer product selections, available-to-promise inventory, rewards benefits, delivery options and product offers.

  • Introduce and manage shipping options, minimum cart sizes, promotions and loyalty options in real-time across all your channels.

  • Use different fulfilment strategies and available-to-promise inventory settings between channels and before the buy button.

  • Reserve inventory during the checkout process to ensure availability for limited stock or sale items.

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