Order Management

Gives you control, gives your customers greater convenience

Our Order Management application allows you to create and manage product orders and fulfilment throughout the entire customer journey. It gives you a greater level of control over the automation of an order to define exactly how the customer will receive their purchase. With the ability to implement, control and manage orders, you can ensure they are routed via the most efficient fulfilment channel to provide customers with optimum convenience.

Features to delight customers and staff

  • Have full visibility and control of your orders and returns with orchestrated business rules.
  • Quickly respond to market or customer needs by easily updating configuration, lifecycle and business logic in real-time.

  • Manage customer orders including orchestration of order items, fulfilment logic and articles across your enterprise.

  • Split and allocate order items for fulfilment based on strategies optimised for custom combinations of cost-efficiency, speed of delivery, service levels and sell-through rates.

  • Configure different fulfilment strategies at different stages of the order and returns lifecycle aligned to different strategic outcomes.

  • Manage the creation and control of customer returns across your entire network with orchestrated workflows based on return types, individual items or brands, source or location and even the return reason.

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