Analytics to monitor your omnichannel business

The Fluent Commerce Insights application provides real-time dashboards and crucial analytic views into your omnichannel operations. By having regular reports covering specific key metrics unique to your business, such as orders, fulfilments and in-store operations, you can effectively monitor and adapt your omnichannel strategy to maximise profitably, minimise out of stocks and provide customers with a seamless, flexible retail experience.

Features to delight customers and staff

  • Built-in dashboards and reports covering key metrics including order and return volumes, fulfilment flows, store fulfilment, inventory levels and sell through.
  • Configure and track custom metrics at any point during the orchestration process.

  • Create custom dashboards and reports based on existing or custom metrics.

  • Create notification alerts based on metric thresholds and events.

  • Configure and send reports to your team on a regular basis.

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