Store Fulfilment

Click and Collect, Ship-from-Store and Omnichannel Returns made simple

The Store Fulfilment application gives power to the store where it’s needed, including in-store order fulfilment based on location, batch and fulfilment options. In-store returns are also supported, including reason for returns and condition capture, to effectively track returned items. Store fulfilment orchestration allows your store team to manage deliveries, order fulfilment, customer collections and returns. The application makes it easy to implement Ship from Store, Click and Collect and Omnichannel returns across your store network so you can maximise profits by not missing a sale.

Features to delight customers and staff

  • Have visibility and control of your in-store operations and processes with orchestrated business workflows and logic.
  • Rapidly change your stores into mini-DCs with store pick and pack tooling and operationally optimised wave and batch picking.

  • Provide a unified customer experience with endless aisle fulfilment options.

  • Manage omnichannel store operations such as customer and carrier pick-ups and arrivals.

  • Manage the entire returns process across your business and provide a single platform for all returns.

  • Generate carrier specific consignment labels as well as package selection and carrier bookings.

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