Global Inventory

Real-time aggregation of products and inventory across your enterprise and suppliers. Live views tailored by channel, category, location and configurable buffers.

The Global Inventory application delivers extensive inventory control and flexibility.


By aggregating product information (PIM) and inventory positions from multiple sources, the Global Inventory app enables users to generate cross-channel, available-to-promise (ATP) views based on networks, fulfillment types and more.


Our Global Inventory app allows for the coordination of your entire supply lifecycle, offering customers a truly seamless experience. It enables you to optimize the way you use and access inventory across the business. This gives customers a smooth buying experience while greatly reducing your resource and markdown costs.

Features to delight customers and staff

Optimize inventory across all networks

Easily coordinate product and stock allocation across all locations and channels with orchestrated workflows.

  • Aggregate inventory from multiple sources.
  • Manage and control buffer inventory.
  • Generate intelligent alerts and notifications based on custom inventory levels.


Create and control virtual inventory

Create multiple virtual catalogues with custom and dynamic inventory counters.

  • Provide highly tailored inventory segmentation for dynamic or fast changing inventory groups.
  • Control what to expose for different markets via configurable rules.
  • Apply multiple SOH counters based on product and inventory catalogues as well as locations.

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