Global Inventory

A single, complete view of inventory

The Global Inventory application enables aggregation from multiple sources across your enterprise to provide a single view of your inventory. Global Inventory also supports generating live unified inventory to provide curated views based on your networks, fulfilment types and channels. Inventory orchestration allows the coordination of your entire supply lifecycle to offer a truly omnichannel experience, optimising the way you use and access inventory across the business. This gives customers a smooth buying experience while greatly reducing your resource and markdown costs.

Features to delight customers and staff

  • Have visibility and control of your products and inventory with orchestrated business lifecycles and rules.
  • Aggregate inventory from multiple sources into a single view across your enterprise.

  • Know where your inventory is from supplier to your customers hands by tracking inventory status, locations, storage areas and condition.

  • Create virtual catalogue views to produce segmented views of products and inventory with virtual inventory quantities and catalogue controls.

  • Manage inventory control buffers in real-time based on fixed and sell-through rates and by category, products and locations.

  • Send low, re-order and fast-moving inventory alerts and notifications.

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