Fluent Orchestration Cloud

The Fluent Orchestration Cloud provides intuitive tooling that allows business users to fully orchestrate inventory, locations, shipping and orders. It comes with a pre-built library of best-practice workflows and rules which means you will be up and running quickly and your customers will be enjoying a convenient range of shopping options sooner.

Orchestration Engine

The orchestration of omnichannel orders and returns across distribution centres and store networks is automated. You can edit or cancel orders, view transactions and payments, process refunds, track and trace orders, and manage partial shipments. In-store tooling allows store associates to manage deliveries, order fulfilment, customer collections and returns with ease.

Cloud Native Technology

Our highly flexible cloud native technology provides unlimited scalability. It is version-less, secure and always backwards compatible. It can be deployed in a matter of weeks and ensures zero downtime for new releases or customisations..


Optimising daily functions, enhancing business productivity and efficiency for customers

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